Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One More Time: Another Board Worth Grabbing

UPDATE: Sorry this one's GONE! Next time move faster- react, don't think!

What the heck- it's my blog and I can do what I want.
Here's another board my friend Tim Stamps has got for sale. This is a much scaled down version of what I'm riding. And I really, really, like my board.

This one comes in at 10' x 27" x 4" made for somebody a bit smaller then I am (I'm 220 lbs- I might be able to pull it but somebody in the 145 -180lb range would definitely fit this board). It's a ten footer so it's a nice surf/surf-cruiser compromise, kind of an all around model. I think this board is a real California solution- for mushy days at Dog Patch and faster days in the beachbreak- the wider tail gives you a little squirt off the bottom.

JDAM proof construction: EPS and Epoxy with Kook Proof Blank Additive guaranteed to end all kook-like behavior. Tim's also been using 3M's Pearl-Stop the only compound added to the resin that will prevent excessive pearling and he's also been able to get his hands on the last roll of Wrap Weave fiberglass- the only fiberglass specially designed to help you wrap that cutty all the way around.

Price is $1350 + tax, fins and pad come with it. Compare that to $1600 for a board right out of the shop, add another $100 bucks for a pad and you're at $1700 bucks before tax- so you can see this is a good deal. And it fits under the Christmas tree! Available for purchase now- swipe it!

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