Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Paddlesurf Video: Courtesy of FuzzNugget Productions

I know you want to know, FuzzNugget Productions? Yep, Camera Grom, owner/operator of FuzzNugget Productions, films it, cuts it and posts it. Anybody interested in getting filmed should contact me at and I'll put you in touch with Camera Grom. CG is working his way through 9th grade (yep, the kid can work iMovie better then most 30 year olds) so any donations you want to flow him would expedite your DVD copy of the action. Let me know.

Video Highlights: Brennan Hovland's drifting floater on the 10'6" C4 has got to be hot by anybody's standard. We're all in trouble now that the rippers are getting stand up boards. Also, check out Pinky almost pulling in on his 12'0. And, no I didn't snake that guy behind me (I'm on the green and yellow Stamps), it's fun surfing behind somebody. How about Kraig Surplus getting a little floater on his new 10' Stamps? That shape (same as mine but add an 1/8" all around) is a real California solution, check out how much speed it makes on waves that haven't even broken yet. Not shown, Marla's first wave- pay your dues now and reap the rewards during the sweetness of summer! Killer session today people- glad we could share some waves.

Excellent job Camera Grom- look forward to working together again. Breakfast burritos on me next time.

And: I have no idea why Kiwi got the clown music.


Andy Gere said...

Loved the latest video John. Check the floater at 2:56 and the mini cover up at 3:41. Bring on the janitor jokes, then show the clip!

John Ashley said...

Hey Andy! Glad you liked it- I'm really impressed with CG- I didn't have skills like that in 9th grade (but then again this stuff wasn't around in 1984- I was however awesome at D&D)- he put it all together by himself.

How's the board coming along?

Anonymous said...

High Five with the paddles?
And you broadcast it on the net?
And after you write a response about people SUP bashing?
Someone who doesn't like people that Stand Up would probably go ballistic if they saw that.

I thought the goal was to not do things to give Stand Up a bad name.

I'm sure you guys were having a real hoot out there but come on you gotta keep you wits about yourself while out in the water.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone high five out in the water in all my years surfing.

Words cannot describe how ridiculous that looked. I hate to be critical, but .....

CB1 said...

Brennan's floater was RIGHTEOUS! Great vid!

srfnff said...

Nice vid...definitely a fun session. Too bad you aren't more cool...having fun, doing floaters, getting covered, enjoying the glide just isn't enough...Once again, the janitors are cleaning sup.

John Ashley said...

"I hate to be critical, but..."

I'll finish your sentence since you're suddenly at a loss for words: "I will be anyways."

Criticism I can handle but I have a tough time dealing with inane sentences like that.

Andy Gere said...

I made some progress on the Waveyarder build over the last few days. The bottom planks are finally glued, so I can get moving on putting this board together. Full progress report is at

Let me know if you want any of the jpegs. They are not terribly interesting at this juncture, but it will start looking surfy once the fishbone gets glued down.

Anonymous said...

Man, you take some solid surfers and turn them into kooks...What a lame sport....That big thick tugboat makes you suck...Not cool..Do a real turn...

John Ashley said...

Waaa you suck, blah, blah, blah, retread, retread, retread, blah, blah, you suck- repeat over and over again.

But interestingly the guy knows how to use a comma and capitalize.

But no balls so posted anonymously- par for the kook.