Monday, December 17, 2007

Southern Baja Surf Report: Palapas Ventana

I guess I could make this stuff up but I'd rather let you get it from a primary document. Here's Tim Hatler's surf report from down in Southern Baja:

Baja Sur Swell Report from Palapas Ventana
December 6th log

NW swells served up some meaty Bistec Ranchero at all our spots on the pacific side...The bigger the curve in the coast the better as many regular spots started to close out with sets of 12 feet. Water temp remained at 71 and the wind even cooperated by laying down on the two best days....All wave hunger appetites were satisfied, everybody was feliz, and those willing to explore were rewarded.

As soon as I hear a report like this I start scheming.

It drives me nuts thinking about what I'm missing. How am I going to get back down there? I've surfed this wave, I know how good it is and worse then that, I know how PERFECT it'd be on a stand up board.

I paddlesurfed it this summer on a windy, messy red tide swell.

It was fun but nothing like what Tim scored- basically by himself. Imagine the turns you'd be burning; weaving and turning, repeat, over and over again. I just need to dissappear down there for two or three weeks. So I start scheming. Maybe you should too.

All Photos: Santiago

Top: The point offers up a left... and a right (check the last photo) it just depends on how much of an angle the swells got on it.

Middle: Let the race begin. Coming around the corner from the top of the point, across the flats to the bay- better get moving! Imagine the layed out, projected bottom turns you'd be throwing down right here- covering tens of yards with each turn.


Anonymous said...

hello, I am in Japan and I was introduced to your site from my friend, and was surprised to see your baja shots of last swell, I think i was at that exact spot ( but I am not certain) and was standup paddling, that day was my biggest waves I'd been on standup paddle and I was scared SXXTles at first but I definately had best waves I have ever had in my very short standup experiences, as well. it was mindblowing. what a perfect waves and I cannot wait to go back there.
There were no other paddles around and I was very very courteous of regular surfers so they won't have any feeling againt SUP.I only stayed in the water when there are a few surfers and always let them have any waves they wanted. and only catch a few. that was what I learned from some of the good
(and couteous) standup paddlers back home on Maui. hope others will do the same so they won't kick us out from that beautiful spot.

John Ashley said...

Greeting Mauitomo!
Great to hear that the word is reaching out across the Pacific- I'd love to paddle both Maui and Japan someday. A friend of mine goes over every year to shape boards and he's told me how good it can get there- I'd love to give it a shot someday.

Am also glad that you scored some fun waves down there- I'd love to know where you were at email me at so we can compare notes. You also probably already have seen the potential for both paddle surfing and surf cruising down south. It's wide open!

And, your attitude in the water obviously makes you welcome anywhere you go! Let me know if you're ever in SD and I'll show you around.