Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Breaking the Law

I'm resolved. I've hatched a plan and I'm going to follow it through. I'm busting up the grind. Tomorrow- I'm going to steal some time. It's been too long. I've got a hot new board, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here's the plan: I only "technically" (and this is a really paper-thin "technically" but I'm taking it) have to be at "work" until lunch. At noon I'll ride my bike home, let the dog out, grab my new board (Piranha- what???), toss it into the truck and grab a cup of trucker's-blend. I'm out the door, on the road, coffee in hand by 12:30pm.

The spot's perfect, half an hour away from doorstep to check out. It's one of the few spots that can a. handle the minus tide, b. handle afternoon wind (has a natural wind buffer on the outside) and c. probably won't be polluted. The big plus is a mid-week noon time go-out; it just feels like cheating doesn't it?

In the water by 1:15pm. Although the spot offers a variety of waves, I'm going to limit myself to two breaks- I've only got two hours of water time so I want to maximize time-on-wave. Of course not at the expense of others in the water. This is, after all, a gentleman's sport.

There's a simple explanation for my need-to-feed: I've got a hot rod of a board that is just dying to be let loose- I've surfed her on exactly two waves and to be honest... this board is something to be excited about. She needs to run, I'm going to make that happen.

3:15pm last wave, do or die, surf in or paddle in- one way or another the water must be cleared and the wetsuit off in the next 15 minutes.

3:30pm heater on and warming my feet. Hit the 5 south, cheat traffic by heading over the bridge. Board stashed, wetsuit drying, showered and in dry clothes by 4pm. Wife walks in at 4:15pm... no harm no foul. The perfect crime.

And: You know my timeline, and you've probably figured out where I'm going- so why don't you bend the rules a little bit and meet me there? Email me at www.paddlesurfbaja@gmail.com if you think you know where I'm going.


Anonymous said...

OH doooood!

I laughed my ass off reading this post! You think you're the only one that pulls this stuff?.......think again.

Be careful; its kind of a buz when you pull it off. I have become a full fledged criminal since my early days of "breaking the law". Like they say "only a surfer knows the feeling". I am stoked on your sickness.

srfnff said...

Well...what's up with the board? How'd it do? You stoked? Why? (Inquiring neurotic minds need to know...)

Andy Gere said...

John, the Piranha looks sweet. No doubt in my mind that you must do the crime and steal the time. My New Year's resolution was to work less and surf more, but so far I'm O-fer in 08, so I'm doing about as well as the weight loss resolution crowd. Dreaded head & chest cold sickness, boardbuilding sickness and stormy polluted conditions (unless you are Gary and manage to always find the one perfect hour of the day amongst heaps of crappola)have all kept me out of the water, and I am jonesing to get a few waves. Having a new, finished board on the rack would probably be more than I could stand. Have a good surf...

John Ashley said...

Hey Wadadli-

Okay give up some tips on your "criminal" methods. I'll trade you this one for one of yours: As you're walking from job to car, if somebody calls your name- just keep walking... never look back!

What've you got?

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary-

I'm hooked on this one. It's it. More soon.

John Ashley said...


Sorry to hear your still featuring "head rot". Mine is on the way out after about ten days!

The board is looking good though- and sunshine is coming, so eat your vitamins and get your rest because when the 'yarder is done I'm sure you're going to live up to that resolution!

Anonymous said...

Where is the report? New post with conditions and performane details? Get on it bro!


Anonymous said...


The perfect comment when your cell phone rings just as you are locking the truck door. You can't blow it off as it is during working hours so you answer.

I always tell them I am currently in a BOARD MEETING. Not that I have that kinda job but it works....I aint lying(sp?)either! Obviously that doesnt work with the wife though.