Saturday, January 26, 2008

Everybody is a Comedian: Look what was in my driveway early this morning!

I don't know if it's a trophy or a warning or just a reminder of my stylistic highpoints but this is really funny! Had a good time walking around the beach this morning accusing all the usual suspects. And everybody denied it! I suspect somebody with the initials GT or maybe even BH, hmmm am I correct?

Fun surf out there this morning. A big highlight: Matt W. getting completely barreled on an offshore righthander. Pretty text book tube ride: easy glide in, set the rail, slow the board with a Pinky-style blade drag and pull in. Matty knows how to plug the hole- best part was he had a front row witness who watched the curtain fall and the clean exit- a legit barrel on an 11'11" Ordonez Big Red.

Kiwi was out on his new Stu Kenson 10'x28" snagging all the good ones. This is the second time in a row he's paddle out from out of nowhere and pulled the Tom Curren "mysto-wave-magnet" thing. It's obvious he's getting a feel for that board, he's going fast and making some meaty sections.

Photos middle and bottom: Kiwi on the blue Stu Kenson quad surfing clean and fast. Photos: El Tigre

This is a rush job post because I've got to get back in the water. I already logged three water hours this morning, my back's tired, my arms are tired, my legs rubbery but we've hit a seam in this storm front procession and it's four foot and glassy out of the South; have to take advantage of it! Hope you're getting some too.


Anonymous said...

That was an amazing laugh this morning with the shopping cart shennanigans good times and good waves! my hand is still killing me though...!

Anonymous said...

Too funny John....whenever I hold my paddle horizontally out front now I'll be thinking I'm doing an "Ashley Shopping Cart"

John Ashley said...

Stoneaxe- Ouch. You're brutal man. You'd fit in perfectly over here.

John Ashley said...

Hey Gabe- if it starts turning green, oozing viscous yellow stuff and smells like cat dung- there might be something wrong with it. Cover it with a bandaid.