Saturday, January 19, 2008

Small Fun Winter Surf: Check it out!

A couple of new boards in the water. Chad's on his new 10'0 Stamps and I'm on a new board as well. Mark's out poaching on his 11'6" Ron House and Matt W.'s on the 11'11" Sean Ordonez Big Red. Kind of a perfect day for the stand up boards, super high tide and small waves. A good time to hang out with friends, catch some waves and have some fun.

I'm still messing around with fins on my new board. I've been running a 9" flex fin and you can see the board goes pretty fast but I swear those flexy fins have a "stutter" off the bottom. I don't know if I'm too into that so I'm going to try a couple of different fins tomorrow. I remain stoked on the WonderBolt. I've been able to flip the board over in the water and mess with the fin in the box, I don't know how much it'll improve my surfing (remember: Performance is primarily limited by the operator not the equipment!) but it sure is fun. Mike's going to FedEx me my Future fin 3/2 sidebites that nobody seems to like except me so they'll add another variable when the arrive.

Looks like we've got some weather coming on Monday. If there's wind and rain we'll postpone the point run- keep in touch, call the surf phone and I'll update.

Rumor has it: Stu Kenson's got something new coming this way- can't wait to see it. I'll post photos as soon as I can get 'em.


Anonymous said...

I really like your board - if I was in back in Cali, I'd get one shaped exactly like it. I run flex fins on most of my boards and really like them. However, I know some people that hate them. I never experience a stutter like you describe. In fact it feels like my board is springing out of the bottom turn. Too be honest though, if I was riding that particular board, I'd use a cutaway. I have an 8.5" cutaway on my 10' x 28.5 PSH and it works really really well.

Michael Ashley said...

Wow, that board makes you look good... or you make that board look good! Chad's a big boy and he's on a 10'0, too, that's impressive. We had some great waves up here in Santa Cruz today, too. Long, point break rights. Gary might have some photos. Mahi 1 is changing the way I surf, kudos to Stamps! Fins coming your way on Tuesday.

John Ashley said...

Hey Tony daKine:

Funny- I really want to paddle one of the those Paddle Surf Hawaii boards!!! They look so good- you're stoked you've got the source right there in your back yard. I don't think I've seen even one in the water here in SD (I did see a couple getting glassed over the summer though).

You know- as far as those flexy fins go- I think it's just me... something about the way they come off the bottom that throws me for a loop. I call it my caveman surf style just push with my back foot as hard as I can and see what happens- not too much finesse there! I'll try out that cutaway and keep you posted.

Hey- I'd love to see some video of what you guys have got going on over there- I've got a local grom who's a video genius- I try to toss him a few bucks every now and then- maybe you could get something similar going? Let's see some Island Style!

John Ashley said...

Mikey- Thanks for the compliment, it's not me it's the board! Hey those photos look good- I'll post soon. You're releasing the rail and letting her run- that's the KEY! Just think, you've only surfed it a handful of times- wait 'til you've got a month on it!

Anonymous said...

hey John really fun this morning, all I could do when ever I walked by the bay at my work was think about getting back out there and catching more waves with you guys it was amazingly fun I cannont wait to hit again bright and early in a few hours see you out there!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gabe- super fun 'eh? Nice mellow paddle to some empty beach break waves- just the way I like it! See you in the water soon. And... avoid the Carnage Asada! Or the Chili con Carnage.

Anonymous said...

john one day left with the meds been since 12-26=07 out of the water.might be going south this weekend carnival in ense i will map out spots and paddle distance i was so stoaked to see the sup crew in the water on sunday.captneg9