Sunday, January 20, 2008

Watchin' the weather: Point run in Peril!

Weatherman says there's wind and rain coming at us for tomorrow (Monday 1-21) which perfectly screws up our plans to paddle out to the point. Everything's weather dependent here so we'll see what happens (translation: Call the surf phone- I'll have her on by 7am). Of course, the first check is always down the street, maybe zip over to check another sandbar and by 7:30am I'll have a good idea of what's going to happen. Alternative plan is to run up the coast to the one spot in SD that can turn a stormy day into a clean offshore paddle session. We'll see.

Super Cool: Got a chance to paddle Tex's 10'0 x 29" Ron House. I have to say, that's a nice board. The board's made for a bigger guy (Tex ain't tiny) but it's no dog- that thing surf very, very nicely. I was really surprised by the fin set up: Ron House runs a thruster set up with really small fins. These looked to be right off of a 6'3" shortboard. I did my best to try to spin it out off the bottom and on an open face cutback and I couldn't do it! I know other guys have mentioned using much smaller fins, I was very skeptical of that- I'm not anymore. I immediately went back and switched my middle fin to a 7"er (although I'm keeping my regular fin in the truck... just in case) can't wait to try the Mahi 2 out with a much smaller center fin.

I'm beginning to realize that there's a lot to learn about these boards. Conventional wisdom kind of gets thrown right out the window. What works on one stand up board might not work on another- cool stuff and super fun to play around with.

Camera Grom just sent me his cut of yesterday's footage, be sure to check it out (and if you're a photo slut- like me- toss the boy a buck or two). I like his clip better- the kid's got a good eye for editing. Now here's my challenge for you guys out there- make a clip, post it on youtube, let's see some hot surfin'!!! I'm tired of only seeing my clips- I want to see what else is going on- inspire me!


Jim Brewer said...

Regarding the Ron House board you surfed. Try and put those small thruster fins on any other SUP board and it wont work. I tried on my BlueLine SUP boards and they spun out like crazy. Ron is the MAN and he has it down! I have two old Ron House SUP boards and they rip. The tails are razor thin and narrow.

Anonymous said...

man stupid storm I was itching to get wet this morning, but I guess it was just hit and miss. Oh well driving home holding that strap to the rack on my car murdered my hand I'm going to save up and get a rack for that small Toyota I was telling you about, know any good places?

John Ashley said...

Hey Jim-
I was pretty amazed at how small those fins were. I did bump my middle fin down to a seven incher and you're right- just not the same feel- so back up to an 8" fin for me. Funny they change the feel of the board so much. Those boards you made look pretty sweet!

John Ashley said...

Next time, boy. Next time.