Thursday, May 15, 2008

Board Preview: Stamps Arrow II - Coming to a Race near you!

I asked Stamps to tell me how this board is different from the original Arrow. I was assuming the response would be something like describing a new hairdo: "Took a little bit off the top, pulled it in here, thinned it out there- voila, a new you!"

Wrong. The legitimate "design" guys will take you deep. I won't go into it here- some of it might be better kept under wraps (and you don't ever want to piss off the guy who makes your boards). Truthfully, I didn't understand most of the discussion.

How sweet does this thing look though? If you want to get a look at this one I'm certain it'll be at the Hobie/Hennessey's Waterman Challenge at Doheny May 31st. Go check it out.

And... If you got the urge to burn some fuel get your a## up to Jim Brewer's shindig in SB this weekend. He'll be featuring Gerry Lopez's new stand ups. Best part: Leds may even have something surfable. This North may just have enough angle to sneak in there. Go get it!


Jim Brewer said...

Thanks for the plug on the demo in SB. Most of the boards at the demo will be Ron House. We have a Gerry Lopez 9'6" and the Lopez 10'2" will be available in a couple of weeks.

John Ashley said...

You got it. Can't wait for the after-party photos!

Good Luck!