Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hennessey's River Run Video

Just got back from Needles California and the Hennessey's River Run. Check out this video I threw together:

Photos: A few of you've been asking about the board Tim Stamps won the Stock Class on; here are some extra photos for you.


Gregoire said...

looks super fun!
wanna paddle today? going with the mayor around 2. looked at it this am and it looks fun.

Chad said...

Good Job Ash!! I don't know how you lasted over to hours this morning. I was spent after an hour and a half!! That 28 m ile paddle was taxing. Fun waves this morning though.

srfnff said...

Nice vid! All with the Oly?

Michael Ashley said...

Hey that looks like a lot of fun! Great weather, friends, fun and food... you can't beat that. What's the deal with that Stamps board? I'd love to have one of them in my quiver.

John Ashley said...

Hey Guys-

Tex: Got a session in down here yesterday morning and was too beat to do anything else- should probably log more miles and less carne asada fries if I want to do another one of those races.

Chad: Thanks bro- how did I last? Not too well... I was feeling it.

Gary: Yeah- all shot with the OLy. surprisingly serviceable given the platform... I really do need to work on figuring the thing out though- some photos came out great, some not so great.

Mash: They all can be had... just depends on how bad you really want it!

Farmer Dave said...

Had blast on the porch swing with you John (are we going steady now). Look forward to a big draw next year and a dominant TEAM STAMPS!!!

John Ashley said...

Hey Farmer Dave- That was a special time that we shared- let's not cheapen it.

Oh by the way, forgot to mention to the world that Farmer Dave took third place in the 39 and under STOCK class on a STAMPS paddle board.

Yee haw- Team Stamps kickin' some ass on the river.