Saturday, May 31, 2008

A touch of south, a touch of wind swell

Check the new video Camera Grom shot this morning (his cut will be out tomorrow- he's shooting again on Sunday). The south that we've been waiting for was starting to serve up some peaks. Kiwi (blue Stu Kenson 10'x28" quad) snagged a couple of good ones. I surfed down the beach (green and yellow Stamps 10'x 29.5", 2+1) where it was considerably more bumpy but less crowded.

Paddle Surf Lessons here in San Diego are firing up. It's been really fun watching the excitement spread. If you're interested in learning be sure to click our lessons page.

I'd love to see your videos. If you've got a homegrown SUP video clip on Youtube or Vimeo (or hosted anywhere else - I suggest it's got the easiest upload protocol and best resolution I've come across) and would like for me to post it, send me the embed code and I'll put it up.

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