Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race Season in Full Swing: Malibu Downwinder Photos

EJ sent me these photos from the Malibu Downwinder a couple of weeks ago. The race started near Point Mugu and ended nine miles downwind at Leo Carrillo (Secos) State Beach.

Top: Eric Diamond finishing clean on a little Secos closeout.

Middle: T. Stamps and the Arrow- look for the Arrow II at the Hobie/Hennessey's Race at the end of the May. If it's an Arrow, it's fast.

Bottom: Chris Koerner bringing home the C4 Vortice- which looks like it's made for surfing open water swells... I'll have to get a report from Chris. Nice style on that turn.

As soon as I can get official results for the race I'll post 'em up.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's me on the Vortice trying not to break my fin on the inside. Also Eric Diamond on the pic at the top. The course was 9 miles, not 6. The Downwinder is always a real fun race.

John Ashley said...

Thanks Chris- corrections made! Any word on the finish order?

Anonymous said...

nice work.....ed(eric diamond) is riding a 17' or 18' Joe Bark....his credential's are numerous...unreal surfer, waterman, know's just about everybody in the surf world, super cool guy, creative/markering guy over at Honolua, has paddled the Oahu/Molokai channel, and the list goes on......

John Ashley said...

What's up 'boy:

Figured you were running the show up there... like I said before, "Cowboy's the real kingpin up there".

I've always liked Honolua they've got a good vibe going on- glad I could set the record straight!

Anonymous said...

Looking to rent a board and paddle and possible wet suit in Malibu. Anyone know where to do so? thanks!