Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race Season in Full Swing: Malibu Downwinder Photos

EJ sent me these photos from the Malibu Downwinder a couple of weeks ago. The race started near Point Mugu and ended nine miles downwind at Leo Carrillo (Secos) State Beach.

Top: Eric Diamond finishing clean on a little Secos closeout.

Middle: T. Stamps and the Arrow- look for the Arrow II at the Hobie/Hennessey's Race at the end of the May. If it's an Arrow, it's fast.

Bottom: Chris Koerner bringing home the C4 Vortice- which looks like it's made for surfing open water swells... I'll have to get a report from Chris. Nice style on that turn.

As soon as I can get official results for the race I'll post 'em up.


Chris K said...

Yep, that's me on the Vortice trying not to break my fin on the inside. Also Eric Diamond on the pic at the top. The course was 9 miles, not 6. The Downwinder is always a real fun race.

John Ashley said...

Thanks Chris- corrections made! Any word on the finish order?

Anonymous said...

nice work.....ed(eric diamond) is riding a 17' or 18' Joe Bark....his credential's are numerous...unreal surfer, waterman, know's just about everybody in the surf world, super cool guy, creative/markering guy over at Honolua, has paddled the Oahu/Molokai channel, and the list goes on......

John Ashley said...

What's up 'boy:

Figured you were running the show up there... like I said before, "Cowboy's the real kingpin up there".

I've always liked Honolua they've got a good vibe going on- glad I could set the record straight!

Anonymous said...

Looking to rent a board and paddle and possible wet suit in Malibu. Anyone know where to do so? thanks!