Monday, May 12, 2008

Our SUP Community: EJ - let this man make your next paddle.

This is EJ. EJ paddles fast; check him out in the River Run video- he's the guy in the yellow C4 jersey going by me as if I was long lining carp. EJ races in the ridiculous Unlimited Class in all of the local stand up paddle races- head to your local beach on race day and chances are you'll run into him.

EJ also makes paddles. Custom wooden paddles, a few at a time. They're beautiful. His paddles are functional, hand-made, wooden works of art. I've seen them, if your a SUP geek (like me) they make you nervous. You realize that you need one. Your debit card gets all hot and bothered. They're that good.

EJ knows paddles. The guy logs more weekly SUP miles than your Prius can suck from a gallon of premium. EJ lives on the water- literally. Remember Kevin Costner in water world? With the gills and jacked up toes and everything? Next to EJ... child's play.

EJ's a good guy. He lives clean, makes friends easy, is quick to smile and seems to always be on hand with an extra cold one when you need it. And isn't it always true that good people own good dogs? Just wait 'til you meet Taco- you'll dig him. EJ's an ambassador for our sport. Can't figure out why you're stroke is all jacked up? Ask EJ. Got a question about paddles? Chat him up- he loves this stuff. And, if you get a chance, check out his handy work- just be ready to get nervous...

EJ's label is JohnsonBigStick- click on over.

What are you waiting for? Get your bumper candy NOW!

Also: Go check out my nifty San Diego Paddle Surf lessons brochure I just uploaded onto the Lessons page!


Chad said...

You should have posted a picture of one of his paddles. I just checked his website. Those things are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...