Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Stuff: Paddlesurf Networking Site Up and Running

We're starting up a new networking site for paddlesurfers all over the world. Go to www.ipaddlesurf.com and register- that'll put you in touch with paddle surfers both in your neighborhood and around the world. This is a great time for paddle surfing- the brotherhood and good vibes in our growing community are alive and well- let's foster those feelings of good will. Also this will be where I'll be posting meeting dates and times for local gatherings and contests- feel free to post your events as well.

Wow- didn't know there were so many paddle race fans out there.
Yesterday's post spiked the "hit meter" on my site. If you haven't done one yet, races are a fun time. Try one if you get the chance.

Also, make room in your quiver because you're going to want a point-to-point race board. Team Stamps was well represented at the Hennessey's River Run. Stamps rider Farmer Dave took home 3rd place in the Stock, 39 and under division and Tim Stamps took first place in the Stock, 40 and over category on a HOT board he made for himself. The heavily contested, talent-filled, Best-of-Imperial Beach division was won by Kiwi with Big Chad right behind him. Incredibly, Kiwi paddled a 10' quad fin Stu Kenson surf stand up. Kiwi's stoked, and is looking for a race board; a fledgling manimal? Rumor has it that Stu K. will be putting together a couple of race boards for some upcoming contests. Can't wait to see them.

Camera Groms Cut: Check out the Grom's interpretation of Sunday's surf. Also, the little homey finally saved enough dough for his new digital camera. He's snapped some good ones so far- just ask the Ding Devil!

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Anonymous said...

john the core loop would be great.but at 11miles thats bit of a distance to cover say start out 5 miles and work up.oh the stuff where riding is like taking a big wheel to the indy 500.the boards that E.J. and the other fellow had look like RACE boards.that is the type of board that is needed and most of all to have any kind chance to place.board like tim stamps was riding.captneg9