Friday, May 23, 2008

A Video Experiment: Better Quality on

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So check this out: I was messing around with and I noticed that you could upload video clips. I had this sitting around on the hard drive and I figured why not? Here's the good part: I think the resolution on the clip is at least %30 better than what YouTube provides. Let me know what you think. You can scroll back to my other vids, they're all posted on YouTube, tell me if you think this clip is better quality.


Chad said...

Better quality for sure! Like it.

John Ashley said...

Thanks bro- now is that you getting barreled in the Mentawai's???

Post it up big style so we can check out your TUBE face!

The Junkie said...

Yo camera slut, the resolution is definetley better. I can even see the look of concentration on your face on some of the waves. Where was the first clip hiding. Push the needle a little deeper.
The Junkie.

John Ashley said...

Eh Senor Junkie...

Correct: Full Slut Status.
Correct: Reso is better.
Incorrect: "look of concentration"

That's not concentration that's constipation... too much queso.

In the words of Scott Weiland: "I'm coming back again..."

The Junkie is right on.

Anonymous said...

Hey John I'm online looking around for any knid of SUP surf moives...and I can't find any, except the "How to" movies...what's up with that?

Chad said...

Yes, in the mentawais. Lets plan a new trip bro. It's time to get tropical again!!!

Michael Ashley said...

I'm up for a tropical trip as long as I can bring my SUB... How about Nicaragua?