Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beach break breakfast

Super low tide this morning, really glassy and good fun. Check the photos: shallow and fast.

Surfing a grinding beachbreak on a stand up board is not easy. Getting in early with speed is a given, being able to project off the bottom and down the line is a requirement- miss a step and you'd swear the place was not SUPable. But, if you put in your time, take your lumps and get lucky you'll find there's some sweetness on the sand bars.

Top Photo: Kiwi- driving down the line on his 10' Stu Kenson.

Middle Photo: Clean- not easy.

Bottom: Get one.


Anonymous said...

hey John what does the bumber sticker mean??

John Ashley said...

Hey Gabe.

It means: "hoe" = paddle or oar; "he'e" = to slide or surf; "nalu" = wave.

Put it all together and you get: "Surfing with your friends while standing up, laughing your ass off while you cruise from peak to peak gliding through glassy warm water.

In short I say it means paddle surfing!

Get it?

Now- GET IT!