Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Surf Video and some more Hennessey's Photos

Here's a couple more Hennessey's race photos and a little clip of Sunday's pier nuggets. Somehow my breakfast of three cups of coffee and a piece of cheese danish didn't quite keep me powered for the twenty eight mile length of the race.

All of us from Imperial Beach would like to give a special thanks who set us up with their awesome Kore-Dry paddle shirts. These things kept us cool, protected and stoked for all twenty eight miles. Thanks guys!

Be sure to scroll down to check out the race video I posted yesterday. And, for a hilarious race account (including a fine mullet reference), go check out Brewer's BlueLine site. Funny stuff.

Top Photo: Hobie paddler Chuck Patterson. First place overall, which means all he saw was open river for three hours. I don't know, think he works out? He was one of what I call the "Manimals" (man/animal... get it?). These guys are all Unlimited Class paddlers. They just tear through this stuff on boards reaching up to eighteen feet. Funny, but I don't see any water on board - I wonder what he did for hydration?

Bottom Photo: Prone Unlimited Class Manimals. These guys have my total respect, prone paddling the entire race course- most of them in just over three hours. Ridiculous.


Chad said...

Ash, that guys post was some of the funniest crap I have read in a long time. Your right the part about the mullet takes the prize. How about that Snata Barbara paddle demo? Sounds cool. want to make the drive?

Chad said...

What happened to pushing the shopping cart? Now your all stylish and clean with your paddle work. I am going to have to practice to catch up to that, nice work!!

Anonymous said...

man, i'd love to get my hands on one of those kore dry shirts; sadly, they never seem to be in stock in my size. that said, i did order what i think is the *same* shirt but differently named, in black, at murrays, on sale, long-sleeved, for 29 clams. added some dakine rack packs, on sale, dirt cheap, to defray the shipping costs, and i'm a happy clam. this is just an fyi for your el-cheapo, size-challenged readers. if you want to check it out:

Chad said...

I used my kore dry shirt on the river run. Works great. Kept me nice and cool when I got it wet, but it wasn't hot when it was dry. I was paddling for almost four hours and I have no sunburn. I also wore a camelback and the kore dry shirt kept kept me chafe free. Don't know what I would have done without it. On all my practice runs wearing a regular rash guard I was getting some bad chafing under my arms from the camelback straps. Very impressed.

Anonymous said...

john so what came to your mind when you thought 18 miles then it was 28miles eeche.also give you 5 stars for that paddle work very fancy.captneg9.

John Ashley said...

Hey Chad- Don't worry, the shopping cart is alive and well- I'm sure it'll resurface someday.

Fun surf on Sunday. Marcos told me that you scored as well.

John Ashley said...

Yo Neg9!

Um. The thought was, what the hell am I doing here. And, if I fall over and go into convulsive heat exhaustion due to dehydration- nobody would ever find my body.

I'd wash up on the shores of Laughlin and some tourist from Iowa would plant an umbrella right into my gut.

Anonymous said...

hey chad: what size/model camelbak were you wearing? and, if you've ever worn it in the surf, how'd it work out?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - Lori from here - You're Welcome!!!!

Glad you were stoked with our KoreDry/StayDry shirts!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our manufacturer can't keep up with our demand so we're a little behind in stock right now. We've been promised that we'll have a bunch of shirts in another week or two so please check back with us... and don't forget you can get an additional 10% off by using coupon code: paddlesurf when you checkout, (enter it in the Coupon Code box AFTER you add the shirt to your basket - NOT in the Promotional Code box).

Mahalo :-)