Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summer time, er... Spring time

Don't know about your part of the world but down here in San Diego it's feeling pretty darn tropical. We're talking early morning heat, bare back trunking it, three hour paddle sessions in clear blue water.

I may be nuts but it looks like there's some south in it down here- there's definitely some angle to the surf that's coming in.

Check out this shot of Seal Beach local Mitchell de Jarnett streaking at the warm water jetty, that's a Harbour stand up board he's on and it looks like it's going pretty good. I haven't seen too many Harbour SUBs around so I may have to poke my nose around up there and see what's up. (photo: Elva de Jarnett).

I'd be back on it if I didn't have some real life commitments to tend to- hope you're out there getting my share!

Wait a minute: It's 6:30pm, still light, still warm and glassy - and - it looks like the surf is building... I think I'm out there!

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