Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Farmer Dave's New Board: Stamps 9'0 - Are you kidding me?

Stamps is killing me with this board. Farmer Dave, you're a lucky man. Better keep that under wraps or I'll HAVE it!

Look at this thing. This one comes in at 9'0 x 29" x 4.25". You've paddle surfed for awhile now, can't you look at this board and mindsurf it? Check the clean outline- see how the hips pull so sweetly down into the round tail. If you want to flow, link turns and carry speed, in my opinion, the round tail is it. It's such a neutral design, you can fit it into almost any part of the wave. It'll drive through steep sections or turn out of flat spots.

The tail is pulled but not to a ridiculous extent. It's designed for what we're surfing here in Southern California. There's planing area to produce drive but enough taper to hold when you come hard off the bottom.

This really is a thoughtful design. Consider the width, even though the board is only 9'0 the gut is right at 29". Those are cool numbers, they get away from the sub 28" wide mindset that most of smaller molded boards are carrying. The result is a much more stable, short stand up board- not a wobble stick that you'll soon send down the road.

If you can, buy local and insist on custom made- same price, made to fit.

Go check 'em all at www.surfboardsbystamps.com


srfnff said...

I like the dog. Oh yeah, the board is pretty freakin' hot too. I'd love to get my feet on it.

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary,

You and me both!

I did surf Stamps' 9'0 that he made for himself about six months ago. His personal board was a bit narrower and not as thick. The surf was really poor but the realization I had on the couple of waves I got was that boards in that range really start to feel like regular surfboards.

I'm excited to try out this new one- I think I can wrangle a test drive- Farmer Dave is a cool guy.

Problem is that I know I'll want one!

Michael Ashley said...

As soon as I get some cash I'm buying one of these. I just wish I had a chance to test it out.

Farmer Dave said...

Test Rides available at Dog Patch weekly by reservation. But be use caution. This is not your run of the mill SUP. Stamps is providing an adrenaline shot with this one that may require treatment. My new drug of choice!!!!!

John Ashley said...

Yo Farmer!

I'll let you know- rumor has it there'll be a BBQ at the Farm house when we get all the usual suspects together...

Killer looking board- send me a report about how it goes... the world wants to know!

John Ashley said...

Mike- don't mess around... just order one. Don't hold back.