Friday, November 26, 2010

8'6 x 30" Stamps Grim Ripper: My new one... just in time for southern Baja!

Here she is just finish shaped... off to get a spray and then back for glassing. I'm super excited for this one especially since I should have it for my trip down south. I rode one just like this a month ago, went home and immediately ordered one up for myself. Can't wait to see it all finished!

Clean lines, light and set up as a 2 + 1


Glenn said...

Okay, I'll bite . . . How thick?

Can't wait for the ride report on this one!!!


Anonymous said...

how much do you weigh? Can a guy that weighs 200lbs and has been sup surfing for 3yrs on an 11-0"x 28"x 4 5/8" ride something of that size ?

John Ashley said...

Hey Anonymous:

I'm 230ish (I bounce around from 225-230) and have been paddling almost four years now. I rode a board with the same dimensions- it was tippier than the 9'1 x 30"x 4.25" I'm on now- but it wasn't impossible.

I think you could ride a board like this - but truthfully, it'd be a part of your quiver and probably not your go-to board (although- I've made that call before on the boards I ride now and I've been wrong twice).

Today, I pulled out my 10'6 Stamps and was stoked on nose riding it- when it gets bigger and more powerful I ride my 9'1 Viking Bump and when it's glassy and peaky I could see myself riding this one. So, just one part of the toolbox.

In short, yes, with practice you could definitely ride one of these- just find a shaper who's made them for bigger guys- like me (hint: Go to Stamps... he'll hook you up.).

John Ashley said...

Yeah Glenn! Getting interested are ya? This one is 4.25" thick... when you see these things in person they're so curvy and surfy looking it makes you want to go rip 'em immediately.


Full review after I get it... and hopefully video of me on it in Mexico.