Friday, November 12, 2010

Couple From Down South: Winter Season Kickoff Swell

Bumped into John at the beach just yesterday and he was nice enough to make me a guest poster on his blog. I figured if I'm gonna post it better be good so here you go and hope you like it.

If you had the good fortune of surfing during the run of perfect wind, waves and weather we had last week you most likely scored. I had a chance to sneak down south of the border with my stand up paddle boards and surfboards and grab a few. Here are some shots of the trip. Enjoy

Photo: Just enjoying the views from the safety of the channel

Photo: You know its a positive sign when its 730am and its 85 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, big swell and sheet glass!

Photo: Another cool shot..almost looks like i am in deep trouble but its really just an optical illusion.

Photo: Had my GOPRO HD and took a couple sick shots from the safety or not so safety of my stand up paddle board , the key is to get close to the action but not too close. You gotta look out for the sneaker sets out the back.

Photo: Another Kid in our crew Nik Rosa. Was his first time out and already snaggin a couple meaty ones. Its funny some of the waves just slightly throw and some literally hit the shelf and pitch top to bottom.

Photo: After watchin from the standup in the channel i figured it was time to go out and get some. I just got a brand new 9'2 gun and was stoked to get a couple runs in. Ive been out there a few times and this day was just an all time classic day. Warm weather, light offshore, and big perfect peaks all afternoon.

Look like from reading Johns earlier blog post he was stuck on an Island Somewhere during this swell with a bunch of high schoolers. Don't worry John theres always next time....hahahaha

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