Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ToolBox: Part II

What else is in there? Funny you should ask...

D. Folding chair: Good for many purposes, useful for hanging out, napping, waiting- shooting photos and drinking coffee. Everyone will act like they don't want to use it- but they do, trust me.

E. 9'1 Stand Up board- my bread and butter, go-to, multipurpose board. The 9'1 x 30" set up is versatile- enough foam to get you out and about but not so much that you can't throw it around. This is a full time tool box dweller- it just fits in there.

F. Boogey board fins: go body surfing, go boogey boarding- rescue a tourist, flip a pancake. Good for many purposes and fun to have around.

G. 2mm O'neil Guru long sleeve spring suit. The perfect stando wetty- easy to get into (short legs), warm (long arms) and super gooey flexible. Toolbox status? Perm.

H. Mix it up, get back to your roots- turn it like you mean it for God's sake: 6'4 Stamps Fish in a quad set up... pump for the light, fly through sections, changing it up now and then is fun.

I. My new favorite stick: Mike Stewart body board... it's six foot, offshore, closing out and breaking in two feet of water. You want to pull in but the idea of impaling yourself on your paddle isn't too appealing, is it? This thing makes it easy- now you can just break your neck impacting the sand bar. Ain't too proud to get barreled.


Anonymous said...

looks like the back of my rig. minus the bodyboard.
& i have a thin futton mat for those vital naps!!!:)

Anonymous said...

As a converted bodyboarder, I'm glad to see you don't share in the stereotypical stick mentality towards the sponge. I ride mine when it's less than ideal for SUP (walled closeout beachbreak).


John Ashley said...

Hey- I got no prob with the bodyboard- sometimes I just want to get barreled off my a#@!

Hills Local said...

Thanks for the tip on 2mm O'neil Guru what an amazing suit. You drive sales

John Ashley said...

Love the Guru- glad you're stoked on it. Kelly over at Emerald City hooked me up with mine- he's always got the hot tip on what works for stando gear... I just do what he says!