Thursday, November 18, 2010

Board Sale! Custom, handshaped Stamps Viking Bump: 9'10 x 29" x 4.5"

Wow! This one looks like it was made for me, those are my colors. I'm thinking this would be a mid-range, step up board for those overhead juicy days. I'm digging the width number. I'm a big fan of 29" wide for us bigger guys (I actually ride my boards at 30" but I'm thinking about whittling that back down to around 29 - 29.5). I haven't paddled or surfed this board but from the outline it looks like it'd fly- and the little bumps back toward the tail keep it loose when you get your foot onto the back quarter of the thing. Tim told me that this thing has barely been used- steal it at $1000. Contact Tim at

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