Sunday, November 21, 2010

Suck it up and start paddling

More rain and wind and getting a little bit cold; a whole load of reasons not to get out there and lay down some miles. It doesn't help that my house is killer for rainy days. It's warm, comfy and we've got lots of nice, rainy day things like hot chocolate and Godzilla movies. So I really didn't want to do my "homework" (my code for the four mile course I plotted on the Bay side of Coronado Island) but the thought of coming in last at the next race (December 4th) is usually enough to get my ass moving. For the record, I'm okay with second to last.

Homework? Head north for 2.2 miles, U-turn at Fiddler's Cove, paddle past Crown Point Aquatic center and you're home. Easy- now get off your a#! and do it. 

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