Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surf Week: Solid swell + offshore winds

Check 'em out:

Photo: When the winds blow north-easterly in Southern California it means one thing: Santa Ana conditions. Get ready for hard offshore winds holding up the faces of whatever happens to be hitting the beach. Lucky for us we comboed up the winds and some solid surf, when that happens... things get interesting!

Photo: The air's clear (check out Point Loma- it looks touchable), the surf's cracking now all you have to do is find a corner. And if that's impossible, just pull in and enjoy the view.

Photo: Dr. John knows what to do when the doors open up a little bit...

Photo: ... you pull in!

Photo: Even if it means you're going to get beat!


Brian said...

My Gosh. Been trolling this blog for a year!! how on earth do I get a job where you live so I can surf there?? Best pics, great write ups, thanks!!

John Ashley said...

Hey Brian-

Thanks for checking out the site- I'm glad you like it. Surf has been pretty good lately- it's not always that way- we've been fortunate. Come on out and visit sometime!