Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a second and be stoked for what you have: family, friends, health, shelter, hand-made, custom shaped, stand up paddle ripsticks, carbon fiber, light-as-a-feather paddles, Gerry Lopez Future Fins, combo-swells with North-Easterly winds, beach break wedges, point break reelers, reef break death pits, modern wetsuits, costa rican coffee, cheesecake, mashed potatoes, digital photography, west highland white terriers, spam and four wheel drive trucks. That should cover it.

Always count on surf for Thanksgiving morning. Here's what I got on...

After four days of gray and rain- here's what Thanksgiving Day brought to us. Stoked... and thankful. 
Art Curtis was thankful for his back-up stando after his go-to board went pinballing through the pier.
The JR Surf Contest in Coronado is on for Saturday, 27th. If you're into it, get down there at 7am to get registered for the stand up paddle division. I'm out there! is on Facebook... check us out... "like" us... be my friend... whatever. Look for extra photos and content on FB!

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