Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Racing: Kiwi goes to the head of the class... Homework plus Extra Credit!

There's one central truth to stand up paddle racing- nothing prepares you like time on the water (TOW). Kiwi's been logging TOW racing hours for three years now and his work ethic has been paying off.  This summer race season, he earned podium finishes in his division at both the Hennessey's International Paddle Championships and the Battle of the Paddle. Want to get an idea of what he considers a quick paddle workout? Here's the Kiwi report for the paddle route that I call Homework: 

I got off a little early today and was eager to try out the Home Depot GPS holder that I put together yesterday. I loaded the Demon and headed up to your patch, thinking I would run into you doing your "homework". 
Kiwi's Stu Kenson Demon... locked and loaded.
There was no one around so I unloaded the board, turned on some Gangstarr and headed north into the 12-15 mph cold ass santa ana wind. I got to your turnaround and wanted a little more so I chugged my way up to "Sand Island". A little north of the island there's a pylon sticking out of the water, it looked like a cool turn around mark so I powered up to it. On my way there I noticed a Navy patrol boat idling towards me with flashing lights.  
Let the Homework begin... just start paddling north.
 I thought to myself, "I'll show them a drop tail turn at the mark.". Halfway to pulling it off I got caught by a gust and in I went. Bloody freezing when you're just wearing a pair of trunks and a race jersey. I popped up to see my board drifting away so I put my head down and swam for it, retrieving it after a short sprint. I grabbed the board, jumped up and away I went. Downwind was a blast. I angled out into the bay to get bigger runners and flew (that's what it felt like) back down to the beach. On the way back, several choppers buzzed me- they were probably wondering what the F?
Kiwi's Home Depot GPS mount.
Here's the data off my GPS: 
Total time up 54min- 3.8 miles
Total time down 41min -3.8 miles.
Top speed 8.5 mph
Average overall speed 4.81
Upwind speed 4.22 mph
The GPS never lies.
Didn't see you this time- maybe we'll run it another day? 

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