Monday, November 1, 2010

This is what's killing me...

Check this out: 

Do you see what's being called for Wednesday? That's a "Very Good" rating- rarely seen around these parts. Unfortunately, I'll be somewhere horribly surfless.

That's SurfLine's call for Wednesday, it's a heart breaker. I'll be on the leeward (surfless) side of an island, hanging out with forty high school kids at a science camp. Perfect timing. I'm sure I'll hear all about it later. Snag a couple for me.


Jeff Wallis said...


Have fun on Catalina, I will fill ya in on what you miss. Might even have a pic or two!


Anonymous said...

i feel the pain, jury duty!

an angry man

Unknown said...

How'd ya like to live 1000 miles from the nearest ocean and be watching an epic NW swell being reported by Surfline. Yeah it sucks to miss a day, John. Hey what am I complaining about the rockies got three feet of snow to start the season. Heal knee, heal!