Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegas in Africa

A limousine, Africa, bribes, cocaine smugglers, a couple of guys from San Francisco. And Vegas- that's the limo.

Read this -let me know what you think (and the Vegas reference will be revealed to you).

My feelings? There's still adventure out there- it just depends on your level of creativity. And your level of tolerance for discomfort. It's not for me- bribing my way through multiple time zones without any perfect waves at the end of the journey doesn't sound too appealing (I'm shallow, I know). Put a perfect left hand point at the end and I'd go full Shackleton-mode, endure almost anything and get there. This one's not my cup of tea but definitely an entertaining read. You've got admire the moxy of these two guys. And I dig the limo- that's style.

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