Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little break from all this paddling... NBA baby!

What a killer weekend! This one had a little bit of everything: sun, fun, competition, surf (small but clean) and today... it was all about the NBA. A friend invited me to drive up to the Staples Center, sit behind the Clippers bench and watch soon-to-be superstar Blake Griffin go off (he was a couple assists away from a triple double, scoring 35 points and pulling down 14 rebounds... what!). 

That's Blake Griffin with the towel around his neck... that's the view from my friend's seats... close enough to hear the coach work a couple plays out on his tablet.
I'm not a Clippers fan, I don't follow the team but Blake Griffin's story is compelling. He was the first overall draft pick in 2009, unfortunately he had to sit out the season when he blew his knee out. I first heard about him a week ago while I was checking the surf. Blake was being interviewed on the radio, the interviewer wanted to know how he felt after another thirty point game. His response was, "I'm just happy to be able to play". Awesome... the humility, the love of the game- that's an NBA star worth supporting. They ended up losing to Utah (who, by the way, looked great.. except for Kirilenko's mid-80's, Soviet Union, I-love-Def-Lepard, mullet hair-do) but they just might have earned a new fan.

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