Friday, July 20, 2007

7 Year Old SUP - A Natural

Michael Ashley here, checking in from Santa Cruz, with a short video of my son Ethan paddling my Angulo 11'9". Ethan jumped on my board today while we were at the beach and wouldn't get off! Now that's what I call father-son bonding.

I picked up this board, shaped by Ed Angulo, from Andy at Ski Shop Santa Cruz. He has been helping guys in town get into SUB's for a couple years and has a great relationship with Angulo. My board is his 11'9" and I'm super happy with it. At 31 inches wide, it is stable and easy to paddle. I was concerned that the thickness, 4.5", would be a problem when it came to surfing, but it is very responsive and fun.


knash said...

Andy and Ed are great guys to know !Andy just hooked us up at LEGENDS SURF in CARLSBAD with all 3 models of the Angulo SUP boards .

The 11'9 works great with my 210lbs.Very stable and perect for learning,cruising, fishing and other activities.I evn put my 100lb.wife on with me to see what load it take and IT PADDLES! Then I watched a guy who told me he was 280 and a 1st timer make a few splashes but in 15 min . he was paddling around on flat water very easy.
Next up was the Angulo 10'4 and this board performed excellent in chest high wind swell for 2 experienced riders with jaw dropping expressions after catching a few waves,The 10'4 is fast and responsive, nose rides well is very lose and loves to find its home in the pocket.The 10'8 looks great too and is getting put to the test today. So I will post later.ALl three boards have been shaped flawlessly and flow nicely with perfect transistions from rails and foil changes The thickness is not obvious.All three have a remarkable gloss finish and very cool graphics.Another nice feature is the lightweight of the boards with out much sacrifice of glide.

This weekend is the Oceanside Longboard Clubs contest and we will have thes boards availabe at the O'side Pier for demo just find the Legends Surf booth or www.leggendssurf for contact info.

John Ashley said...

Hey Kurt-

Great to hear about the Angulo boards- according to my brother the boards are all over Santa Cruz.

My brother loves his board- I guess he's riding it everyday! He picked up the 11'6" and says the thing surfs really well and paddles like a monster- he's doing big runs to spots inaccesible to others... a common theme with us right?

Send me some photos and I'll post 'em we should hook up sometime for a surf!

Anonymous said...

Ed Angulo's SUB are great for the conditions over here at Pleasure Point and whether you are a novice or more experienced stand up surfer there is a good board for you! My Buddy in Makaha is riding them and he says they're working well in the Islands!!!
Lars Hansen