Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gear Review Policy

Product Review Policy


Products submitted for review become the property of We strongly believe in authentic field testing. Consequently, we may sacrifice the product after its field test to take a closer look at construction. We use this stuff hard - many times beyond its intended limits. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our review writeups and have no intention of criticizing your product unfairly if we abuse it outside of its normal operating limits. Having the product in hand for the final write-up, assures both and the manufacturer of an accurate review that fairly represents the product. The opportunity for the reviewer to keep the product allows us to maintain a level of accountability in securing high quality reviews.

Send products to:
722 Carolina Ave.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Review Reproduction Policy (Electronic)

Use of Reviews for Public Relations or Marketing. Our reviews are produced primarily for our readership, and we have designed our usage policy to accommodate manufacturer's needs for reliable, third-party product marketing without compromising the integrity of our review program.

Electronic Usage Terms:

You may quote up to 50 words in the review (not including contextual additions of your product name where appropriate - see example below), but you must provide a link back to the review's URL at the web site. The reason for this requirement is so that selected quotes are not taken out of their fair context. The format of the link should be as follows:

Read the entire review of the [Brand Model Type] at

Example excerpt with appropriately formatted link:

"The [C4 SUP] did an excellent job getting into waves and down the line while surfing some fun beachbreak..." Read the entire review of the C4 SUP at

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