Sunday, July 1, 2007

Paddle Surfing Baja: The Whole Story II

We crossed the border by 6am, spent a half an hour at the border getting tourist cards stamped and paying the visa fee at the bank that is conveniently not located next to the immigration post. The fee is twenty bucks for a 6 month tourist visa- be ready with your passport or birth certificate.

Our first day was spent kitesurfing in San Quintin- I know we're focused on stand up paddlesurfing (SUP) here but our interests cross over into other areas that are also really fun so we'll mention them from time to time. We kitesurfed some fun waves and spent the night at the campo de WindCult at Cielito Lindo- thanks Alexis!

Then next morning we fired up the F250 and rolled down the road to Punta San Carlos with two goals: 1. To paddlesurf the inside point, known to windsurfers as the Chili Bowl and 2. To kitesurf the place on small gear.

Short story: one goal was completed the other kicked our ass!

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