Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four at the Cliffs: Small but fun

Grabbed a couple of water shots at the Cliffs this morning. The water was super warm, the surf wasn't so hot- the tide was coming high and it kind of slowed things down. Mike Pollard and I climbed down the staircase and paddled down to Ab's to meet up with Kelly Kraus and his friend Tommy. There were three C4 boards in the water, two 10's and a 10'6" along with my SOS Big Red.

We poached a few waves, shared a few laughs and called it a day. Term of the day: Wave A.D.D. this is the condition that occurs when you're leaving a peak for the next spot and you get distracted by an incoming wave to the point that you forget what you were doing. As in, "Dude I was going to paddle over but a wave came through and I got Wave A.D.D."

New to the scene is my water camera the Sanyo Xacti waterproof digital video recorder. I'm still figuring it out so as Axl Rose would say, "Have a little patience..." Video to come.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun, glassy morning, and no crowds. Must be nice to get out there without a suit. Thanks for sharing the photos.

John Ashley said...

Hey- thanks for the comment, where are you surfing these days? That was a fun morning- the tide was getting high so not many others wanting to walk in, swim around a point and then paddle out to it. We, of course, just paddled up to it- ah, the convenience of the SUB!

TomEnglish said...

I have the same camera. I tried a mount to my gath helmet using a 1 ft. aluminum tube connected next to the ear. I used a 1/4" screw to mount the camera. It needs an anti glare filter. How did you rig yours up? Does it work good?

John Ashley said...

Hey Tom-
Mike Pollard told me that you have the same camera- I'm glad that you posted a comment- I have a couple of questions for you regarding the camera too (I tried emailing you but it kept getting kicked back to me).

First some answers for your questions:

1. I didn't create any special rig- just a long line around my neck... I sit on the inside and film/photo which sucks for me but is good for them. Trade offs.
2. I really like the camera, but I am a total novice at filming and posting to the net etc (guess what my question for you will be...). I'd say it works good- tough to see what's in the monitor sometimes and the grip is a little awkward in my opinion.

I've been to your site- it's really cool seeing all of the video you've done. The resolution on your clips looks really good to me- which leads me to my questions:

1. What "setting" do you have your camera at for filming? I'm trying SHQWeb is that what you use?

2. How and where do you upload your videos? I've tried with youtube but since I'm such a beginner with this I think my files are too big (300mb?) and the vids never upload.

Like I said I'm so new at this that any input you'd have would be a huge step forward for me- and I'd like to come to Cardiff and photo/vid you and some of your friends sometime for my blog- maybe next week.


John Ashley

Anonymous said...

I just went out with your brother Michael this morning at Privates - He generously shared his stand up board with me and taught me the basics. We had a blast surfing some glassy microwaves and enjoying the wildlife around us. I'm hooked, and there is no turning back now.

John Ashley said...

Cool- you're wallet will start crying about now. You guys should get some photos for this blog!