Friday, July 20, 2007

New Board: 10'10" Sean Ordonez Big Blue

My wife Kathy and I made a ten hour round trip to Santa Barbara yesterday to pick up a brand new stand up board. The board is a birthday gift to my wife Kathy who tried out my board (and the whole sport of stand up paddling) and decided it was something she'd like to do.

Although I gave her free choice of any board she wanted, I was happy when she asked about the Sean Ordonez Big Blue. We had seen the Big Blue six months ago at the Surfing Sports compound (which will be a future entry; going to visit Wardog is like walking into a candy store- visions of sugarplums definitely begin dancing in your head!) it looked like a board that would really surf well. Kathy liked it because it was blue. The decision was made, Kathy would have a Big Blue. I was ecstatic. If it sounds like I have my own plans for the board, you're right I do- I can't wait to get the thing into some good waves!

Kathy, being more intelligent then me, made a preemptive strike. She put flowers on it. Check out the little flowers ornately arranged on the deck, cut from the left over scraps of her deck pad. She really didn't want me poaching her board. I've since heard that there are even more "flower plans" for the board; am I worried? Hell no! It's going to take more then a few little daisies to keep me off that board.

Check Back for Big Blue's first paddle.

And: I have to send out a huge thanks to Wardog, Debbie and Annie at I was in a pinch, hadn't preordered the board (a must if you're trying to get a Sean-O board, the boards are usually sold even before they arrive in Santa Barbara) and needed it before Kathy's bday- Wardog went out of his way to ensure that I'd get a board, one of the cool Sawyer composite paddles that he's raving about these days and a well made board bag to protect Kathy's new baby. If you stand up paddle you need to know about these people; they talk it and walk it- a gracious, fun loving and knowledgeable couple. Thanks a bunch!
PS: Lilly says "Hello"!


holo said...

Hi There. Enjoyed your review of the Big Blue. I saw in your photos a Big Red as well. I am excited about SUP and have been doing some research. I live in Kona and we have a shop here that is getting a shipment of Sean's boards later this month. I put my reservation on a Big Blue, but am wondering if I might do better with the Big Red. I am 6 ft, 190 lbs., age 49, not a surfer, but a good swimmer in good shape. Your suggestion on whether the Big Blue or the Big Red would be most appreciated.

John Ashley said...

Hi Holo:

I would buy the Big Red- especially if you're not much of a surfer. The board is stable, paddles well and surfs great. The Blue is a really nice surfing board (turns faster, goes rail to rail more readily) but the width is reduced (28.5") and so is the length making it a tad more unstable (but interestingly, in my opinion, the most paddle-able sub 11'er out there). I strongly feel that beginners will most benefit from boards that are at least 29" wide, I've just seen guys who are learning get frustrated on smaller boards.

Learning on the Big Blue is definitely do-able I just think that the Red will cover many needs for you. Put it this way, I've got some other board opportunities coming my way but I'll always keep the Red- it just does too many things too well. If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask- I'm messed up on this stuff and luckily my wife is becoming that way too!

holo said...

Thanks. I think I will switch my reservation for the Big Red. That was exactly the advice I needed.

John Ashley said...

You got it- let me know how it goes and if you can send some photos of you paddling- I'd love to post them if you're okay with it.