Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Boards: Check 'em out

Here's a few more photos of some of us down here in San Diego with our boards. Most of us are just starting out so as you can see our boards are mostly of the "large" variety. We still love 'em though and hey, big boards need love too!

To the left is our good buddy Tex with his new Ron House 12' x 29" x 4". We surfed it this morning at Tourmaline (really small, pretty gutless waves) this board should be called the El Dorado, it cruises like a Caddy. I saw Tex get his first wave on the board. The kid's got some natural ability- I think he's hooked! Now we just need to get a little micro-paddle for his boy who is dying to hop on Pop's board.

Next up, the latest Sean Ordonez creation: Big Green. These boards were at Wardog's (www.surfingsports.com) house when we went to Santa Barbara to pick up my wife's new board. If I had Magic Wallet (you know the guys who can open their wallets and money keeps jumping out) one of those Big Green's would've been living in San Diego. They look so fun: 10' x 27.5" x 4" , I'm developing a paddle board problem, I made need some type of intervention.

Tex's buddy (below, left) drove all the way down here from Long Beach to snatch up a 10'6" C4 Waterman (he may have done some sit ups and pull ups while he was down here too). He surfed Tourmaline with us this morning too and I was amazed at how the board gets moving. I'm standing by my assessment, these boards snap to and accelerate very well.

Finally, Tex's mom Edith was out West visiting, hopped on a board and will now be bringing one home with her. She loved the flatwater paddling down here in the Cays and wants to paddle for fitness. Hooked.

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