Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Baja: Punta Mysteriosa

Our timing was perfect. We'd barely miss one of the year's best late season south swells. Peaking two days before our arrival was the post-firestorm south that lit up every point and reef from San Diego to Santa Cruz. We'd be nowhere in site when that hard south would swing into our little spot and snap its reefs and points back to life. Best of all, nobody would be there. It would've been perfect.

But our trip has always been more about friends than waves. We make it a point to regroup and return year after year. It's a commitment that we've come to value- a ritual of friendship for all of us down here. You know that no matter how small the waves, violent the wind or miserable the hangover, you're coming back next year. It's what you do when you're one of us.

So next November we'll load up the trucks, stock the campers and roll out for that dusty little point. The place that never works in November. We'll hit the dirt road laughing and stretch last year's small stories into tall tales. And all of us will harbor, deep inside, the hope that this year, we've finally timed it right.

Top Photo: The road to Punta Mysteriosa. Marcos in his element; dirt road under foot, hand in an ice cold cooler... searching for something special.

Next: We're just visitors. The local fleet - no pleasure craft here, working boats all.

Penultimo: Campo Dirtbag. A sweet Baja surf camp for a bunch of scoundrels.

Last: Overview of the set-up. We did score some south swell remnants, enough waist high fun for our little pack of stand up surfers.

All Photos: Senor Goofball

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Anonymous said...

Punta Mysterioso?

You're joking right? What is so mysterious about the first south swell point for everyone within 200 miles of the border to hit. Everyone goes straight there when any hint of a south swell is on the horizon.

John Ashley said...

You win! You figured it out all by yourself, nice job. Although the spot is no secret (or mystery) I'm sure there are some who appreciated the vagueness of the piece. Not you, you're the smart guy.

Anonymous said...

Smart guy? If you were keeping it vague, maybe you would not show so many photos of the main landmark of the spot, "the lighthouse"?

Not being smart just think it is funny that a spot that is jammed packed with people on a south swell is referred to as "Mysterioso" or whatever you tagged it.

You're blasting it all over the internet just like everyone else. No point in acting like you've got a secret or are part of the secret tribe in the know.

If you are going to pick up a paddle, advertise it on the net and a few months later advertise on craigslist as some expert for giving Stand Up Paddle lessons at an hourly rate, you ought to be open to a little constructive criticism, don't you think.

John Ashley said...

I concede the point regarding the photos. Maybe I should have named it Punta Tourmalineros?

Shoot... constructive criticism, destructive criticism, heckling, bomb throwing, threats, insults, kind words and crass suggestions- I've opened myself up to all of them. That's the nature of putting your thoughts and creative endeavors online. Anybody can respond behind the web's cloak of "anonymity".

And, yep- still offering lessons- how are your's going?

Anonymous said...

smart as a ass.i love it.steve dont i have some plumbing to do.neg 9 no i going to read blogs and f around.steve thought those pics were isla natividud looks like same boat launch but lighthouse is in the wrong spot.shoot those mexis are clever.maybe its punta eugina.ops i let a secret out.

John Ashley said...

I totally agree with what you said. But what is "neg 9"?

Anonymous said...

simple negative and some germen 9 back in high school i think thats all the gang said.going to 3 period.neg 9.can you loan me some money.neg 9.get the drift.