Thursday, December 13, 2007

And While We Were Up Here: South Baja Reels

A four hundred yard long left point break.

Water warm enough to wear a spring suit. Glassy. Head high and roping.

Drive the truck right up to the edge of the cobblestones. Paddle out, surf it to the fish camp. Walk all the way back. Repeat until your arms give out.

Walk back to the truck, crack a beer, lie in the sun. No parking meter, no goon squad, no problem. As a matter of fact, nobody within a couple of hundred miles. Southern Baja- we should all be so lucky.

Tim Hatler, owner of Palapas Ventana hitting the jackpot.


Michael Ashley said...

I can't wait to get back down there again... who's coming with me, and when are we going?

Santa Cruz Stats: 38 degrees in the air, 52 degrees in the water. Ice on the windshield. Light offshore breeze making it even colder. Fortunately for me, I surfed for 2 hours and never got more than my booties wet.

Anonymous said...

if you aren't falling you aren't trying

Michael Ashley said...

Funny, I didn't know falling was a requirement. Is that the same as, "If you keep falling maybe you should stay on the beach and just watch?"

Palapas Ventana said...

Id stop blabbing about falling and jump on one's odyssey trips to BAJA
go with the pros!!!
these guys own the Baja