Monday, May 19, 2008

Surf Ropin' up the Beach: South Swell Lights it Up Down Here!

I'm absolutely toast right now. Just did a three hour wave riding session right down here at the end of the street. Check the photos, these pictures are from last night- now tack on another three feet and stretch those lines another fifty feet and you've got a good representation of what we surfed today.

The predicted south swell just lit up our little beach town. All day long the reports poured in both on the Surf Phone and by email- every bank, every hole and every rip was creating a wedging, left hand, freight train. There were spots throwing barrels and peaks peeling all over town. Best part of it was the water was pushing 68 degrees - another session of bareback trunking it.

Four of us got out on stand up boards: Gabe, Big Chad, Kraig Surplus and me - safe to say we all scored some of our best waves this year. I've got to give Big Chad the Wave of the Day award for paddling his 10'0 Stamps into a macking six foot pier sucking wave. BC dropped in late, came off the bottom and disappeared.

I don't know if he got tubed or just traveled in the pocket but I can say that we're way past riding soft, reforms on glorified longboards. Here was a legitimate, grinding, head high macker being handled by a guy on a 10' board - it was cool to see and from my limited vantage point the line taken was clean. Clean is good.

Here's another sweet deal on a used board. This one is a BK Pro model C4 Waterman 10'0. I've seen this board, it is for all intensive purposes a brand new board. The retail price on this board is in excess of $1500 - this one is for sale for $1000. If I was a few pounds lighter I'd pounce on this one- it's a sweet deal on a hot board. If you're interested, contact Kelly Kraus at Emerald City Surf Shop in Coronado (619-435-6677). Also - if you decide to buy a new board (not the used C4) and you mention this website, Kelly will drop a hundred bucks from your next stand up board purchase. Dude, are you kidding me?


Chad said...

Thanks for the props bro, definately the best wave I ahve ever surfed on a stand up board. I couldn't beleive that the board held in the wave, especially in the tight spots I was putting her in. Last night was really fun, so was this morning, hope there is a little left this evening!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw man I am so Beat too, but that was definetley some of the best surfing I've done. I am just hoping this afternoon is nice and fun

Michael Ashley said...

We picked up some traces of your South up here in Santa Cruz this morning, too! Nobody out but Srfnff, Mikey B, Luke, John and Me. Super fun waves. What a deal!

Mikey B borrowed a SurfTech Takayama 10'7 and we passed it around. Srfnff grabbed the best wave of the day on it and I saw it from inside. Screaming down the line, that thing is fast and light. I'll bet he has a write up about it on his blog

John Ashley said...

Paddled out tonight- there were still waves. Snagged a pretty good one off the pier.