Monday, December 28, 2009

Bigger Surf... Tom English?

I just found out that most people bypass what I write and go right to the photos. So, I'm going to save the screen space and keep the words brief- plus I'm really tired. Surf's been soooo good:

Photo: For starters, it was much bigger today...

Photo: Big waves bring out the big glass... bummed yet Wallis?

Photo: This guy shows up out of nowhere, small Ron House board, familiar deck... could it be?

Photo: Tom English??? Homey snagged a fat one and laid down this turn.

Photo: Stucki was out killing it... came flying out of this barrel... always flowing.


kiwi said...

More on the way. Surfed outside the last 2 days. Enjoy the warm water, 3/2 w/hood for the cold offshores.
Felix Anueo

Kiku said...

Wow....thanks for the photos. Looks so fun and uncrowded versus the hostile crowds at The Shores. Thanks John and Happy New Years!

Tu Amiga, Gail

John Ashley said...

no problem! I'm slowing accumulating video clips too- sucks not having a pro photog to follow along and get more photos.... that's what I want for christmas/b-day, pro photog/personal assistant. Just that, is that too much to ask for?

Jeff Wallis said...


Yeah thats a sweet piece of glass and only costs about 11k OUCH! Someday maybe. But I can get killer stuff with mine at the right time and place! Might jut have to make that trip next year and give it a shot!


John Ashley said...

Holy shit- is that what that goes for? It was frickin' huge- guy must've been a pro- he might have had the glass but I think I got the shots.... ha! Next year you should come down- it's sick!

Michael Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Bro! Looks like you are getting the ideal birthday present right now... waves, friends, sunshine. It doesn't get much better.