Friday, December 4, 2009

Season of the Ripper... The Grim Ripper!

You'd think that with the days getting shorter and the water getting colder, the demand for stand up boards would be slowing down, right? Wrong. At least not according to Tim Stamps out in Seal Beach. "I've got more boards going through the shop right now than I did in July- bunches of custom Ninja-bumps and even more Grim Rippers- it's been really surprising."

Here's two of the latest to run through his doors:

This one comes in at 7'10" shaped for ripper Ted Robinson. Tim tells me that they've been refining the shape, pushing it hard in the thumpy beach breaks of Huntington and L.A.'s South Bay. Rumor has it there are some HOT photos floating around of big Ted torquing on a couple of Stamps shapes, blowing tail and legitimately SCHWACKING it off the lip... just got one thing to say to that... send 'em to me!

Photo: Top view of the 7'10" Grim Ripper shred-sled

Photo: Here's another Grim Ripper, this one's 8'6"- funny, but when I look at new boards I automatically think about surfing them myself... I think this one's more around my dimensions. I'm thinking I'd go with a bit of a wider board then the 29.5" I'm used to and probably get it somewhere in the 8'6" to 8"10" range- call me a dinosaur but I just don't see myself dropping all the way down into the land of the sub-8' stand up.

Photo: Bottom view- five boxes... sounds like fun!

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