Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Southern Baja: A few more photos... some good ones!

A few more from today (12-30-09):

Photo: My favorite shot from today.... even the dog's checking out that grinder.

Photo: Josh pulling in... charging!

Photo: A few more sequence shots from today- swooping and flying.

Photo: Such a fun wave, wait 'til you see the video clips from this session- some pretty cool stuff that I'm going to cobble together once I get back home.

Photo: Mark W., smacking it!


Jeff Wallis said...

Thats it John Boy! I'm goin next year so you will have your own personal photog for the entire trip. I will bring the big gun and all the water cam stuff. I need that helmet for the GoPro HD!!!


John Ashley said...

Rad. But, you better start seriously swimming- when it's even head high here it's got some PUSH!

I'm going to hold you to your claim big guy.

You'd love it down here- you'll also see lots of stuff you'd want to shoot, to eat.

Jeff Wallis said...

Im in and I will be ready! Yeah I bet there is some nice Venados walkin out in the back country!

To bad it takes an act of congress to hunt down there not to mention BIG BUCKS!!