Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shop Pics: From the Board Factory...

A couple more shop pics from trip up to the board factory:

Photo: There's three brand new Christmas gifts right there! In order: 7'10" Grim Ripper (yellow), 8'0 Grim Rip. and a 10' Viking waiting to get sanded and sent way up north.

Photo: Are you paying attention? Are you in southern California? Here's an opportunity to steal a board- this one's an 8'6 x 29.5 x 4.25" Grim Ripper- brand new, never been ridden... FOR SALE $1000. I'm guessing this would be a workable board for somebody in the 180 - 220lb range... possibly more. Contact Tim at

Photo: Another shot of a sweet board- go grab it!

Photo: Check out this sweet 9'0 Ninja-bump, Tim's making this one for Sal Masekela (seen the X-Games? Then you've seen Sal M.)... I'm digging the outline on those Nbumps- the little winged round tail really works.

Photo: Here's something cool, Tim's working with Future Fins to put together a quad fin set... I've got a fin sickness so I thought I'd snap some shots... I love fiberglass fins- fast and flexy... sweet foils. Stay tuned for some feedback on these ones.

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