Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little Northern Baja score: Thanksgiving Day Stand Up Feast

Here's Dr. John on his 9'0 Stamps Viking scoring empty waves down in northern Baja. The general feeling is you've got to be a nut to surf northern Baja these days. There are a few however who are still making the run... and scoring. The surf, I've been told, is empty.Check out these shots the good doctor sent my way:

John's the only guy out on this day. Not that it would matter anyway, the spot is a system of outer reefs that nobody prone paddles out to- they're too far off shore and there's a bunch of kelp. The report was that it's a perfect set up for stand up paddling... I'll get there someday.

The boys actually rent a house right up the hill from where they surf. It's a big, killer house, full ocean view, hot tub and killer tacos just down the road. It's become a Thanksgiving ritual for them and they keep coming back happy. I'm working on getting more photos from this trip, I'll keep you posted!

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Eric said...

when do you want to go, john? i've got a SENTRI pass just itching for a bit more usage!