Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trent's Stu Kenson 9' Bonzer Bottom Speedster...

I got a chance to paddle with Trent and Stu Kenson last week. The surf was small that day but super clean and perfect for a stand up board. Trent picked up this one about four months ago and has been pulling it out when the beach gets small and peaky. Check it out:

If I had to guess, I'd put Trent at about 190lbs- this board fits him well. He's able to get around on it and it seems to go really well.

Photo: It was just a super clean, little day down there. Lot's of laughing and board swapping- a good time had by all.

Photo: Check the fin set up on Trent's board- super cool.

I've got to thank Jeff Wallis for the photos- guy always seems to turn up at the right time. Be sure to check out BeachSurf, Jeff's been putting up some really killer shots lately.

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Jeff Wallis said...

Hey Brother, thanks for the props on the pix! I will get them to ya when I can. Hope your trip goes well!