Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Southern Baja Report I: Yep, we're into some surf!

Made it; battery's dying, Pacifico is getting warm and my chilaquiles are getting cold. I'm just going to throw some photos up with quick captions- full story later. Check out what I surfed this morning:

Enter the southern circus... first, get your documents in order- stay cool, this part of the trip sucks.

We scored a killer place to stay this time- plush deluxe as my better half would say.

Usually, we're in the dirt just trying to keep scorpions out of our huevos rancheros... this is the view from our kitchen. No scorpions here!

Here's what you're waiting for: Yes, it's going off. Check back for more of this because, rumor has it, it's coming...


Jeff Wallis said...

Dude! You need your personal photog to tag along next trip! Looks like a great break to shoot some killer pix at! Keep postin and rubbin it in.

kiwi said...

Nice hat in the kitchen shot. Feliz Navidad mi amigo.

John Ashley said...

Right on gents!

Just paddle hat in full effect- pretty fun down here right now.

Wallis: next time!

Jeff Wallis said...

Yo John Boy check it!