Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Southern Baja: Dec. 30th.... Rain!

Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes. I had a great one- early morning surf followed by a pancake breakfast (banana/pecan... thanks Kathy), nap, surf and finally a killer dinner pollo con mole poblano. Yes.

Photo: Still plenty of swell rolling through down here. Should be fun waves for the rest of the week.

Unbelievably, it poured down here.
And it wasn't just a couple of sprinkles, we're talking an hour of deluge. Enough to stick on the ground, form huge puddles and muddy up the whole scene. And, consider, this is a thirsty desert, so for it to remain as surface water there had to be quite a bit of it falling. Weird, and cool. Here's some extra photos from yesterday:

Baja strange: I don't know, think there might be something wrong with the frame?

I convinced Matt Wilson to paddle my board out at the height of the swell- he snagged some big ones... I'm trying to get some clips together to make a vid once I get home. Guess who gets to sit on the beach and snap 'em?

Baja Strange Part II: I don't have words for this one.

Those are my friends on the beach and that's a roping right hander. Wow.

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Kylie said...

It is really beautiful down there isn't it? Keep an eye out for my husband...he left this morning :) And happy (belated) birthday!