Saturday, December 26, 2009

Southern Baja Extra Surf Shot and etc.

Hey, when you get a chance be sure to check out the Photo Annual Issue of the Stand Up Journal- some pretty mind bending photos in there. Here's a link to check out a preview.

Here's a couple more photos from down here. Enjoy:

Another shot from our first day down.
It was pretty damn spectacular. I have run into other stand up paddlers down here. I was surprised to know that first paddler that I talked to. He's a local guy who I met three years ago when I first came down with a stand up board. The gentleman's name is Fleet, he wanted to try out my board and, inevitably, he's now hooked! Flash forward to the present, Fleet's now paddling down here year round. He's on a P.S.H 10'0 -and he's stoked!

The light down here is unreal
, hear that Wallis? Early morning and right before sunset, the golden hour. The place is really beautiful.

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Jeff Wallis said...

The light looks bitchen bro! I know somebody that would love to be shootin the hell outta that place!