Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Malibu Paddle-Thru

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I was able to paddle into a couple of difficult to access spots up along the Ventura/LA County Line. There's open water right in the middle of crowded Los Angeles- you've just got to know how to get to it.

One of the spots is a nice, soft right hand point that's become a stand up hot spot along this particular run of coastline. It's a nice wave if you catch it when it's on.

Unfortunately for us, it wasn't quite working. But the water was glassy and warm and that paddle runs you along some beautifully guarded real estate.

In the end, I only surfed one wave the entire session. But busting into that forbidden coast felt really good. Get out, snoop around and paddle into spots with difficult access. The true strength of the stand up board is it's mobility, paddle in and surf alone.

Top Photo: Off in the distance you can just make out the potential of the guarded point. This is the big guy's playground- yep, rumor has it he spends some time here when he's off island. I would recommend thinking twice before you snake anybody big and blond.

Bottom Photo: I'm an idiot with the cell phone- I lose it all the time. Yesterday, I found my phone just as I was passing the 5/805 merge heading back home- there were three messages from three different people. All had the same general theme, "Dude, where are you? You're missing it- it's sunny, glassy and GOING OFF!" I guess the two little swells in the water decided to work some magic yesterday while I was off chasing phantoms in forbidden zones. Oh well, there always tomorrow (which was today, which also WENT OFF!).

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srfnff said...

Check the cdip image for July 20 0433. Talk about going off! (In the dark.)

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary-

Yep- going off! Love it! But not in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

can anyone recommend somewhere for SUP lessons or rentals in malibu, ca?

thx so much