Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monster Paint in the house and on the deck!

Tom English and crew got this one right. Monster Paint is rad- no more wax (which means no more messed up seats in the truck or molten wax disasters in the back of the truck), never slip- what more do you want? Check it out:

Tom handed me a can of this stuff one day up at the DogPatch- I've been stoked on the stuff ever since. The stuff is so easy to use and it's really grippy. Stamps is using it in his shop and offers it as an option on his boards.

Here's the 9'6" Ninja Bump I've been riding lately- the Monster Paint goes on perfectly clear- you'll see just a bit of a matte finish once it's been done. The stuff feels really good underfoot, I'm never going back to wax.

Photo: Super easy to use- just make sure to mask off any part of the board that your bare skin might rub on- the stuff can chafe you if oversprayed onto the rails.

Photo: Peel off tape and paper and you're ready to go.

Photo: Post up with confidence- you're not slipping off with Monster Paint!


Sheldon Abril said...

I got to sample some of this too. I tried it on my Kialoa paddle shaft and handle. I thought I was going to blister up after feeling the final texture, but I use it daily and it's never bothered me once. sah-weeeeet!

Joe Agliozzo said...

Hey John, that board looks almost like it could use a tail pad with a little kicker on it - do you surf it that much off the tail, or more forward?

Andy Gere said...

I really like this stuff: I sprayed the nose of my 9'-11" Angulo and it's great for noseriding, lots of grip and no wax mess. Watch out though, it will take the skin off your knuckles if you drag them across the nose while going over the front on a blown punch-through. Don't ask me how I know, but suffice it to say that big chunks of flesh can be quickly removed.

John Ashley said...

Hey Guys-

I really like the Monster Paint it definitely does what it's supposed to.

I thought about putting it on my paddle too but it seemed like it might be a little too gnarly- sounds like it's not too bad though, eh Sheldon?

That board could use a kicker at the tail- you get your foot all the way back there if the surf is juicy enough. It's more of a performance longboard design though and I tend to walk this one and camp near the nose....

Don't want to lose any extra skin- I did overspray it a little onto the lower rails of my Viking and, I know what you mean, that stuff can eat you up... be careful where you spray!

Sheldon Abril said...

nah, not bad at all. I sprayed 2 light coats and figured I'd have to sand the texture down, but it was all good. go for it!