Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Challenge: Break 1000 posts and 100 Followers by Jan. 1, 2011... ARE YOU WITH ME?

Alright, all of you out there who've been reading and following this blog- the gauntlet has been dropped, I've been challenged to put up my 1000th post by Jan. 1, 2011. And I've already challenged you to bring the number of Followers to 100 by the same date. So we're in this together- right? If you've been reading this site and digging the photos, content and stupidly opinionated content then step up and become a Follower. Let me clarify some myths about becoming a Follower:

1. No I get no monetary reward by enlisting Followers... so don't worry, you're not helping me to get rich. I make a little money every time one of you clicks on the Google ads I have on the site (scroll down and click away if you're feeling generous). So far in four years of existence, I've made close to three hundred dollars... which works out to about .001 cents per hour that I put into gathering content for you guys.

2. No, you won't get bombarded with spam from me or anybody else by becoming a Follower. But, now that I think of it, it'd be cool to put together an electronic newsletter just for the Followers of this site. Can that be done? Anybody? Or should I not do that?

3. Yes, it does make me happy to see the Follower number increase. Why? Because then I feel like somebody out there actually cares about what I'm putting up. After all, I'm spending way too much time sitting around in my boxers writing for you guys- I may as well feel good about all this computer time.

Anything else you need to know- drop me a comment. We're currently at 91 Followers- so 9 more of you guys need to step up and do your duty. Let's see it!


Unknown said...

John, you know I'm new to this sport. I appreciate your blog to help me understand everything about and around this sport. So please keep on keeping on with your blogs.

John Ashley said...

Right on Clayton!

Anthony said...

Count me in! I have have been following your blog for about 6 months. Great stuff, bro! Keep the posts rolling, my man.

John Ashley said...

Yeah Anthony- thanks for signing up! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or know about in particular while I'm down here!